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Mérleg részletező

merlegRPB 6K1DM
Gyártó: Kern
Méréshatár: 6 kg
Felbontás: 2 g

    Elevated display backlit, revolving on column, height of stand approx. 530 mm, only -HM, must be ordered at purchase

    Second display on the rear of the balance, standard (only with models without the elevated display)

    Three displays for: weight (verifiable), unit price, total price

    Unit price can be switched from €/kg to €/100 g

    Memory (PLU) for 10 article prices

    Auto-clear-key: Unit price entry is automatically set to zero when scale is unloaded

    High mobility thanks to its rechargeable batteries (optional) and low weight

Application examples:

  •     retail shops
  •     market places
  •     farm shops
  •     pick your own fruit and vegetable sales

Note: In commercial trade, official verification duties exist