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Mérleg részletező

merlegFTT 12K0.05
Gyártó: Kern
Méréshatár: 12 kg
Felbontás: 0.05 g

  •      Innovative touchscreen: Large touch-sensitive, backlit screen with very good contrast for easy operation and convenient reading
  •     Maximum transparency: All function keys are labelled with plain text which ensures that they are easily understood. The menu tree overlay in the info bar allows you to see at a glance which function is currently in use
  •     Intuitive menu structure which allows you to use the balance to the fullest of ist functions, without wasting time. This speeds up the workflow and therefore saves time and money
  •     Control outputs (optocoupler, digital I/O) to connect relays, signal lamps, valves etc. (35 V / 80 mA)
  •     Convenient recipe weighing: 5 recipes each with 7 components can be stored in plain text
  •     Hook for underfloor weighing to weigh hanging loads standard for models with weighing plate sizes


  •     Weighing
  •     Counting
  •     Recipe weighing
  •     Percentage determination
  •     Dispensing
  •     Checkweighing
  •     Totalizing with daily total
  •     Animal weighing
  •     Surface weight


  •     Capacity display
  •     Dispensing assistance (subtractive, additive)
  •     Net/Gross display, permanently on
  •     Variable reference quantity
  •     Automatic reference optimisation
  •     Tare deduction numerical or from the memory unit
  •     Input of item or batch description, operator etc.
  •     Freely programmable weighing unit, e.g. display directly in special units such as length of thread g/m, paper weight g/m2, or similar
  •     Date/time
  •     Statistical function
  •     GLP printout
  •     Individual printout configuration


  •     No more errors or lost time through keys which have several functions or unclear markings
  •     Large keys, which can also be operated while wearing gloves
  •     Clearly structured menu – to guide you intuitively through the large number of operating modes and functions