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If you require maximum precision and reliability, the Kappa range of creep-testing machines is for you. The following accessories are also available:

  • high-temperature furnaces for metals (temperature range +100/200°C to 1,200°C)
  • high-temperature furnaces for ceramics (up to 1,600°C)
  • temperature chambers (temperature range -80°C to + 280°C/optional +350°C)
  • temperature controller
  • mechanical high-temperature extensometer with axial or horizontal sensors
  • optical high-temperature extensometer with laser speckle technology
  • high-temperature adapter
    standard adapter for threaded specimens in metric and Imperial/US dimensions
    – standard adapter for flat specimens and pipe-section specimens
    – standard adapter for CT specimens to ASTM E 1457 for crack propagation creep tests
  • high-temperature load train for electro-mechanical and lever-arm creep-testing machines
  • testXpert® II electronics and software
    This easy-to-use system is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and based on a versatile modular concept, guaranteeing maximum data security. The large number of test program types allow the requirements of a wide range of standards, applications and test types to be accommodated

HT Device

Device – DE

HT Extensometer

HT Extensometer – DE

HT Load String

HT Load String – DE


Electronics – DE

HT Adapters HT

HT Adapters – DE